Bible & Mission Center Flensburg is located at Lilienthalstraße 22 (almost 300 metres from Citti Park in the direction of Weiche). The Bible & Mission Center fellowship is an international congregation, composed of members of different nationality, colour and cultural background. This variety encourages spiritual unity in social diversity (Gal 3:28). The cross-cultural exchange and open-mindedness of believers enhances social integration and acceptance. We conduct our services mainly in English and German, but we also have means to cater for those who cannot understand the two languages. Membership is open to all who are ready to subscribe to the Christian faith.


Sunday at 11:00 – Sunday Service (with Kids Service)
Tuesday at 18:00 – Bible Study
Wednesday at 15:30 – Dancing Team (only in school period)
Thursday at 19:00 – Prayerhouse
Friday at 16:00 – iTrust (Teen Bible School – only in school period)
Saturday at 06:00 – Morning Shower


We are located at:

Lilienthalstrasse 22
24941 Flensburg


  1. The bible is the inspired, authoritative and infallible word of God written by persons inspired by the Holy Spirit
  2. God is a trinity (i.e. Father, Son and Holy Spirit) – God is one but in three persons who are co-eternally equal in essence.
  3. Jesus is the Saviour of mankind through his sacrificial death on the cross.
  4. All men are lost and dead in their sins and are in desperate need of redemption – only possible through faith in Jesus Christ.
  5. The Church is the body of Christ and membership into this body is through repentance and receiving Christ.
  6. The resurrection the dead will occur, first, for the saints (believers in Christ) to eternal life and second for the lost (dead without Christ) for eternal damnation.
  7. The gospel is God’s means of redeeming men and establishing his eternal kingdom.
  8. The devil and demons are real and are behind many human sufferings. Exercising authority in the name of Jesus defeats their operation in humans.

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